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Thursday, October 6, 2011

20 Questions

I interviewed the kids about Mom and Dad. Here are their unedited responses.

A=Averie, age 4; E=Ellorie, age7; M=Mason, age 9


What is your Mom's real name?

A-Um, Mom. No wait, I know it's Brittany.

E- Brittany Allen

M- Brittany Lane Allen

What is Mom's favorite thing to do?

A- Clean the house!

E- Clean the house.

M- Drawing and painting.

What does Mom do for her job?

A- Clean up.

E- Clean the house.

M- She takes care of kids. And she's an artist.

What is something Mom always says to you?

A- Be happy.

E- I love you.

M- Clean your room.

How does Mom make you laugh?

A- tickle

E- She says funny things.

M- You tickle me and say silly things.

What is Mom's favorite chore around the house?

A- Help clean bedrooms

E- Cleaning her room

M- Cleaning her own room and not the kids.

What makes Mom happy?

A- Be nice, have fun, play.

E- A clean, nice house.

M- To come home to a clean house.

What makes Mom sad?

A- Be mean and have bad choices.

E- A dirty house and when kids don't listen.

M- When nobody in the house is listening to her.

What was Mom like when she was a little girl?

A- a horse

E- She liked riding horses.

M- She liked drawing

What does Mom do when you're not around?

A- Go to the store.

E- Cleans the house.

M- She does stuff that I don't know about.

What is Mom good at?

A- Painting and drawing

E- Riding horses and art.

M- She is especially good at taking care of the kids and being nice to everybody.

What is Mom not very good at?

A- Video games

E- Going to the park.

M- Eating unhealthy things, because she loves to eat heathy food.

What is Mom's favorite food?

A- Onions and tomatoes

E- Salad

M- Green Smoothies.

How are you and Mom the same?

A- We both like pink

E - We both love each other.

M- We both like to draw.

How are you and Mom different?

A- I like painting with black and she likes coloring with blue.

E- She has to do lots of work and I have to do a little work.

M- Mom is a girl and I am a boy.

Where is Mom's favorite place to go?

A- Fancy parties.

E- The store.

M- To the art museums.

How do you know Mom loves you?

A- She's nice and gives loves.

E- Because she hugs me.

M- Because she takes very very very good care of me.

What does Mom like to wear?

A- Colored shirts.

E- She likes to wear dresses.

M- She likes to wear her church dress.

How is Mom's driving?

A- She does the right thing.

E- Good.

M- Perfect.

Who is Mom's favorite?

A- Averie

E- Me!

M- Everybody. Or Rylan.


What is your Dad's real name?

A- Um... Dad's real name is Dad.

E- Brandon Allen

M- Brandon Moyle Allen

What is Dad's favorite thing to do?

A- To be nice.

E - Beating kids (laughs.) Just kidding. Um. Going on Motorbike trips.

M - Camping

What does Dad do for his job?

A- He works somewhere at a special store.

E - He counts money at the hospital.

M - I know he's an accountant. He pretty much counts the money that people pay to the hospital and make sure they pay enough.

What is something Dad always says to you?

A- Do you want to come to the store with me?

E - Listen to your mom

M - Mason smells

How does Dad make you laugh?

A- tickle

E - He tickles me to death.

M - He tickles me and teases Ellorie

What is Dad's favorite chore around the house?

A- Cleaning up the kids

E - I don't know.

M - Hmmm. That's really hard.

What makes Dad happy?

A- To be nice.

E - A clean house.

M - Naughty jokes and good kids.

What makes Dad sad?

A- When we're mean.

E - When kids don't listen.

M - When nobody listens to him.

What was Dad like when he was a little boy?

A- a friend.

E - he loved going fishing

M - I bet he was kind of like us, except none of the technology stuff, because it wasn't around back then.

What does Dad do when you're not around?

A- Go somewhere. Like somewhere where tools are at.

E - He probably plays video games

M - Makes buttery popcorn and watches movies that I'm not allowed to watch.

What is Dad good at?

A- Turning on video games for me.

E - Work.

M - He's really good at fishing and hunting and that kind of stuff.

What is Dad not very at?

A- To change diapers.

E - Cleaning.

M - He's not good at letting us stay up late.

What is Dad's favorite food?

A- Onions or something.

E - Macaroni and cheese.

M - I think it was something like tacos or something like that.

How are you and Dad the same?

A- My eyes are blue and Dad's eyes are blue. Wait, do I have blue eyes? (no.)

E- We're both people.

M- We're both boys.

How are you and Dad different?

A- Dad's big and I'm little.

E- Dad goes to work and I go to school.

M- He's older than I am.

Where is Dad's favorite place to go?

A- The tool place.

E- To restaurants and get ice cream and not healthy stuff for you.

M- Home after work.

How do you know Dad loves you?

A- Because.

E- Because he takes care of me.

M- He likes to tease me and he's really nice to me and he sometimes buys me things that I like.

What does Dad like to wear?

A- Different kinds of sweaters. (I don't think Brandon even owns a sweater.)

E- Clothes.

M- To work he likes to wear white shirts, and at home he wears pretty much any shirt.

How is Dad's driving?

A- He's a good driver. He always does the turns right.

E - Um, in the middle because sometimes he crosses a red light.

M- Good. Very good.

Who is Dad's favorite?

A- Averie

E- Me.

M- Everyone


Darren and Tessa said...

This gave us a great laugh!! Thanks for this post!:)

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome! Love this!!

Sharon said...

oh that made me laugh! love it

Shatzi said...

So cute!! It's so nice to know that your kids think your driving is perfect. I think I'll ask my kids next time were in the car about my driving.

BrittanyLane said...

I was a little disturbed that my kids think I clean the house all day and that it's my favorite past time. Do we live in the same house? Clearly they don't pay attention.

Sharee said...

This is very very funny! I laughed a ton! Such a cute idea. I will have to do this someday...

patrecia said...

That is very good!

Sally said...

I loved it! I may steal this idea!

BrittanyLane said...

Feel free! I stole it from another blogger as well. I've seen these same questions used over and over, so I don't even know who to credit. :)

Brittany said...

I, also, loved that you clean all day long :) And that Brandon's favorite food is onions and he likes naughty jokes.

Marie said...

I haven't read any blogs for awhile. This one is priceless. I really really needed a good laugh.