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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gala D'Vine

The hospital Brandon works for had a huge Black and White fundraiser this weekend called the "Gala D'Vine". A very generous sponsor purchased two (outrageously expensive) tables for his department, and since Brandon is the new controller for the hospital, that meant we were obligated to attend. Not that I'm complaining.

I'm not really a black ball gown kind of gal. I prefer pajamas and flip flops. Maybe a cute flouncy skirt on Sundays. I'm terribly uncomfortable in formal wear. But it's always fun to dress up, right? I looked up hair and make up tutorials on YouTube and put together an outfit that would work. My mom is a very talented hair and makeup artist, but I can barely apply mascara. I guess that's the way it works.

Brandon spent 3 days prior to the evening: camping/motorcycling/hunting/fishing with his dad/brothers/uncles for their annual "Man Trip" also know as the "Bike Trip". They arrived home whole and only minimally sore. And just an hour to spare before the event. Brandon got ready in about 20 minutes. I spent most of the day messing with my hair and makeup.

So I spent forever on Saturday getting ready and gazing in the mirror. And this is what I was pretty sure I looked like when it was time to go:

But then I got the pictures back and realized it was a bit more like this:

Funny how it works that way...

Brandon's mom was so gracious to not ONLY watch the kids, but also take a few pictures of us. Mr. Allen does not like pictures taken at all. But I think he looks rather dashing:

Brandon opted for the black suit/vest rather than a tux. It's about the same price to rent a tux as it is to buy a suit, so why not?

I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of the BACK of my hair, because that was the cool part. Oh well. Here's me (sans glasses. I don't do contacts and I decided to go blind for a while. I gave in about ten minutes after walking through the door. Ah vanity!)

And here we are together:

I was constrained to leave my camera in the car. Brandon is wonderful at reminding me to enjoy life and not feel like I always need to be looking through the lens of my camera to "save" moments for later. Besides, I really would have felt dorky lugging that thing around all night. Truth.

It was a beautiful room, stunningly decorated. There were delicious appetizers, a lovely dinner, a live band, great conversation, a tribute to good people that have done wonderful services for the community, silent and live auctions, etc, etc. I just enjoyed spending the evening with my wonderful husband without the constant interruption of children. Not that I don't love my children. We just don't get out much.

It was a really lovely evening. Thanks to my husband for "making me" dress up and enjoy myself.


Shatzi said...

I love it!!! You're comparison is hilarious! But....I do have to disagree. You look gorgeous! What a fun night!

The Artist Behind Image Perfect: said...

I am amazed and happy you are finally in a place where you can have an actual "date night" and even without the kids!!! LOL you never do that! Maybe you will see the world through a different lens of your own now!!! Good for you! You deserve a night out regularly... and by the way you did a great job and you look very dashing and happy. Kudos to Grandma Allen! Send her my best. Hugs.... mom

Sharee said...

You look great Britt! And your makeup is beautiful. Sounds like it was a fun night. Bryce and I have recently decided to go out once or twice a month and its great!

Brittany said...

You look beautiful and I love your dress and shoes.

carol said...

Ha! I nearly snorted at the Ugly Betty picture, but you couldn't be more wrong. You have Audrey written all over you! Gorgeous! And glad you had fun, it sounds awesome.