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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jack O Lantern Ellorie

That baby tooth in the front of Ellorie's mouth that has been hanging out for the last year or so finally "gave up the ghost". It's fitting that it's now October, because Ellorie's cute missing teeth somewhat resemble a Jack O Lantern. I think this is her third tooth to fall out, all on the bottom. The other two are mostly grown in now. My kids are pretty slow to lose (and grow) their teeth. Rylan still doesn't have all of his.

She was so excited that it came out at school. Her teacher put it in a special little envelope with her name and the date. She also got a cute little award sticker.

That pesky tooth fairy forgot to take her tooth last night, so Ellorie's going to try again tonight. The kids hid out in the bathroom for a full hour this morning before the sun came up to try to catch her in the act. She must have been too sleepy.


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Shatzi said...

Her expressions are so adorable! How do you get your kids to do that for the camera? I love it!