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Friday, October 7, 2011


Today I went to the school to watch the kids participate in their Jog-a-thon fundraiser. The younger grades went first, then the upper grades, so Rylan and I were there for two hours! (Averie was at preschool.) It was a chilly day with a cold wind, so we were kind of bundled up. Rylan really enjoyed watching the kids and dancing to the fun music.

Ellorie did a great job! She ran 28 laps in one hour, which I estimated to be about 300 meters each. So she ran/walked roughly 5 1/4 miles. I was totally amazed. I've never seen her do anything even close to that.

A quick water break, then back to business...

They gave the kids a tally mark for each lap completed. 28 for Ellorie!

Ellorie's cute new friend, and her sweet little bro.

Ellorie just loves her teacher.

Mason was awesome too. He finished 32 laps which I estimate to be about 6 miles. His strategy was to sprint as long as he could, then walk for a minute to catch his breath. He was still sprinting quite fast through the last lap. He was really excited that I was there to watch him, which totally made my day.

They were disappointed that they didn't complete enough laps to "win" a gatorade, so I took them to get one after school. (We never have juice, soda, or flavored drinks, so it was a real treat.)

I really love the way this school encourages running and physical fitness. They have "junior joggers", a program to encourage kids to run at recess, and they have P.E. twice a week. Mason and Ellorie are totally eating it up.

I ran cross country in high school, but I hated running as a kid. I'm so glad my kids are learning to love running at a young age.

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Kim said...

I totally stole two of your pictures and saved them to my desktop. I'm so happy our kids are friends.