"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Few Projects


Rylan drags around his baby blanket with him all day long. Everywhere. He puts Linus to shame. It gets washed really often, but it is NASTY. So I made him another. It probably won't replace the other one, but hopefully he will at least accept it while the other one is in the laundry. The back is super-soft velour and the edge is that super soft furry stuff. The puppies are flannel. If he doesn't like it I shall keep it for myself.


Mason has been asking and asking for a big cozy bath robe. I've been meaning to make him one for a while, but the towels finally went on sale for a reasonable price. I made this baby for $8. It's made out of three towels, a bit of flannel, and 1 1/2 pkgs of bias tape. I want to make another for myself. It was super easy to sew once we figured out the pattern. My mother-in-law helped me with that part. She's sort of a sewing wizard.


Another project I've been working on is flannel pajama pants for all the kids. No pictures yet. I haven't finished the waistbands. Working with elastic sort of makes me nervous. It's so unforgiving. I've been procrastinating.


And finally, last week Ellorie brought me an ad with some Uglydolls. She was begging and begging me to sew some for her. "What in the world is an Uglydoll", you ask? Well, they are actually pretty ugly monster pillow doll thingies. So ugly they are nearly cute. After looking at them for a while, I sort of fell in love with them myself. My kids all picked out their favorite one already, so it was pretty easy. Here is what I came up with. It's hard to tell how big they are, but they are about the size of a smaller pillow.

Averie's "octopus"

Rylan's "puppy"

Ellorie's "bat"

Mason's "gorilla"

And, um... Mine. It's a slightly deranged unicorn. I know.

I have more projects in the works, and a lot more finished, but they cannot be shown here yet. Hopefully I'll finish everything in time. It seems like I've done a lot, but I've really only spent about three days in total sewing. They were pretty easy projects. It's so much harder to find/make time for crafting these days...

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Every year for Thanksgiving, I forget to pick up my camera and take pictures. This year was no exception. There we are, all together. Beautiful food, cute kids, happy smiles, and ... no pictures.

I guess it's a testament to really having an enjoyable, relaxing time if I forgot to pick up my camera. No regrets there.

Except for the third or fourth helping of pie.

A few tiny regrets there.

Nope, I take that back. The pie was so delicious, it was almost worth the calories.

Thanksgiving evening, the girls went outside to "help" their Grandpa Allen rake leaves. That translates into them making a giant pile to jump into, which I'm pretty sure was what Grandpa had in mind in the first place...

I see grandpa's smile...

I think that foot belongs to Ellorie:

They also had fun playing with a giant tumbleweed they found.

I might just interject here that it was COLD outside, despite the beautiful day. It started to rain a moment after this, and was probably in the low 40's. Most people here would call that cold, but my girls were adamant that they were warm enough in t-shirts and sandals.

Mason was inside playing a boxing video game with his dad and uncles. Also entertaining, but not so film-worthy. Rylan was playing so nicely with his little cousin Kloee. I do regret not getting any pictures of that. He had a fun time playing with little people just his size. He's getting to be a little more friendly lately.

It was a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing Thanksgiving, though I really missed my out of state family. I have so much to be thankful for. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Monday, November 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas...

The other tooth just popped right out! No dangling and waiting this time. Ellorie was delighted.

The tooth fairy left her a dollar folded into a heart with a quarter in the middle. That tooth fairy is one tricky character.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ellorie is finally losing her baby teeth in earnest. I think I was exactly her age when I lost my two front teeth. This is a picture of her yesterday before school:

Yes, that tooth is actually BACKWARDS in her mouth.

And here is one after school:
It was bound to happen. I'm just glad she didn't swallow it. Her teacher is really good about sending teeth home in a cute little envelope. She even gets a sticker.

She is one to let those little things hang from a thread until they flop out. She is currently nursing the other front tooth. It flops all over her mouth when she speaks, and she is having trouble eating normal food. But she is enduring it well. She knows better than to complain about it lest the pliers come out. (I jest. She would certainly not let us near her mouth with pliers. And I can't say I blame her. I don't think I have the constitution to rip a tooth out of my child's mouth anyway. Though Mr. Allen would likely have no qualms about it.)

It can't be comfortable having so many loose teeth at once. Before she lost the first one, she looked like she had Billy Bob teeth when she was trying to talk. Not that my daughter looks anything like the Billy Bob guy, but you know, the teeth. They have Billy-Bob binkies too, I hear.

I will probably have flashback dreams tonight about my teeth falling out. In high school I fell on my face and broke off my two front teeth and had to attend school that way for a couple weeks while my face healed. It was borderline traumatic. I still have dreams every once in awhile that my teeth are all falling out and I have to catch them in my hands. Hate that. Thank goodness for modern dentistry.

Monday, November 14, 2011

On Moving, Renting, Lost and Found...

I spent three hours this morning digging through every box in my garage for Mason's cub scout shirt. It is not there. But here are some things I noted:

1. We have way too much crap.

2. Most of said crap should be given or thrown away.

3. I'm attached to afore mentioned crap for no good reason.

4. I'm not a sentimental person.

5. We have exactly 4 large boxes full of VHS tapes.

6. We do not have a working VHS player.

7. I *F*I*N*A*L*L*Y* found the iron.

8. We caved and purchased a new iron just two weeks ago.

9. Mason's scout shirt is lost forever.

10. I am certain that the only definitive way to find Mason's scout shirt is to buy him a new one.

11. A new scout shirt and the one million awards he has earned that were lovingly hand sewn onto the scout shirt will cost approximately $3,000 from the scout office. (I'm not accusing them of price gouging, I'm just saying...)

12. I'm thinking we might just accidentally skip this pack meeting and the accompanying "uniform inspection".

13. Not really.

14. Well, maybe.

15. I'm still thinking about it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11 on 11/11/11

You know, for posterity...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mason's Birthday Bash

This was Mason's year for a small family party. I think he had a pretty great day. I covered his bedroom door with this sign while he was sleeping so he would have to rip through it to come out of his bedroom. He thought it was hilarious.

(It says, "Happy 10th Birthday Mason. Let it rip!" And just a bit of trivia for you: "Let it Rip" is the catch phrase for Beyblades. Mason deeply appreciated the pun.

He wanted crepes with whip cream and strawberries for breakfast. What can I say, the boy has excellent taste.
He was lucky enough to have piano lessons AND cub scouts on his birthday. He thought that was pretty cool. He's a Webelos now! (and $29 later he's all decked out with a new bandana, book, and shoulder pin holder thingy. Now if we could only find his scout shirt...)

Mason wanted pizza and cheesecake for his party. His grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and cousins came to help celebrate.

The cheesecake was delightful, but quickly took a back seat to the Beyblade Battle Arena. Children young and old were entertained for the remainder of the evening... and the neighbors down the street probably heard all the commotion.

And yes, Ellorie IS wearing a Transformers halloween costume. Why do you ask?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mason at 10

Ten years ago this sweet boy made me a Mama. I love him so much and I can't believe he is growing up so quickly. He is such a fun and happy kid. I'm so blessed to be his mom.

At ten years old here are some of Mason's favorite things:

Favorite color: cerulean blue
Favorite foods: crepes, homemade pizza (light on the cheese), blueberry cheesecake
Least favorite foods: anything mint, chicken, tomatoes
Favorite books: Septimus Heaps series, Garfield comics, Harry Potter
Favorite games: chess, 4-square, tag, video games
Favorite subject in school: science
Favorite candy: gum
Pet he would like: a parrot
Favorite sports: running, soccer, swimming
Extracurricular: Piano, chorus, chess club, junior joggers, cub scouts
Currently obsessed with: Beyblade toys
Looking forward to: Going to Disney World in December
Really dislikes: Cleaning his room, being teased, Justin Bieber

Happy happy birthday Mason dear!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Leaves

We went to dinner at Brandon's parents yesterday and the kids ran immediately to this tree with perfectly crunchy red leaves.

Fall is delightful. It's my favorite, favorite, favorite season. One of the many reasons is the beautiful leaves changing colors. It's gorgeous everywhere I go right now. It's hard to be unhappy when you are buried in a big pile of leaves.

The kids played in the leaves for almost an hour, even though it was in the upper 30's and Ellorie was in a t-shirt. I guess we're still accustomed to the Idaho cold.

Rylan loved throwing a big armful of leaves in my face every time I tried to get a picture of him. He was having the time of his life. I forget that it's the first fall he remembers. I think he's a fan.

Hooray for autumn leaves!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Project(s)

This time of year blogging gets a little hairy... I've been working on a lot of Christmas projects, but of course I can't show them yet because some of them are for my friends and family that read this blog. You see my predicament? I have several finished projects that I'm dying to show, but alas (and alack) I cannot.

BUT here is one I can show, assuming my kids don't read my blog anytime soon. They haven't been on much lately, so I think I'm safe...

Anyway, this is a project I did at my mother-in-law's Relief Society Super Saturday. They are personalized lamps for the kids bedrooms:

HERE is the original source of the project.

Initially it was a project fit for the craft fail blog. Not good.

It was a quick and easy undertaking, in theory... but it didn't go down so slick. If you want to attempt it I have a few tips:

Lamp bases are from Target. I think they are really cute, so kudos to whomever picked them out.

Photos were edited on Picnic, a free online photo editing software.

Measure, measure, measure.

Use photoshop to exactly lay out the size and shape of the photos for printing. Luckily these lamp shades were pretty much horizontal. Some of those with more of an angled side would have been a nightmare.

Use waterproof ink or have the photos printed at Kinko's or something. The printer ink bled and was a mess. I might try using transparencies rather than vellum for the photos. The vellum buckled and was horrible to glue on. Which brings me to the gluing:

Don't use scrapbooking glue. It was a huge mess. I looked everywhere for vellum dots, but couldn't find them. I think hot glue would maybe work okay. I ended up using glitter glue with a hair dryer. It seems pretty permanently stuck there, but it was quite a process to get everything tacked down.

The original project didn't call for the bias tape, but it really made it look a lot better after I made such a mess with the glue and ink.

All in all they turned out, but I think there are much easier ways to have the same effect. I think the kids will love them, so that's all that matters, right?