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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mason's Birthday Bash

This was Mason's year for a small family party. I think he had a pretty great day. I covered his bedroom door with this sign while he was sleeping so he would have to rip through it to come out of his bedroom. He thought it was hilarious.

(It says, "Happy 10th Birthday Mason. Let it rip!" And just a bit of trivia for you: "Let it Rip" is the catch phrase for Beyblades. Mason deeply appreciated the pun.

He wanted crepes with whip cream and strawberries for breakfast. What can I say, the boy has excellent taste.
He was lucky enough to have piano lessons AND cub scouts on his birthday. He thought that was pretty cool. He's a Webelos now! (and $29 later he's all decked out with a new bandana, book, and shoulder pin holder thingy. Now if we could only find his scout shirt...)

Mason wanted pizza and cheesecake for his party. His grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and cousins came to help celebrate.

The cheesecake was delightful, but quickly took a back seat to the Beyblade Battle Arena. Children young and old were entertained for the remainder of the evening... and the neighbors down the street probably heard all the commotion.

And yes, Ellorie IS wearing a Transformers halloween costume. Why do you ask?

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Brittany said...

He has good taste...I love cheesecake! Glad he had a fun party.