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Monday, November 14, 2011

On Moving, Renting, Lost and Found...

I spent three hours this morning digging through every box in my garage for Mason's cub scout shirt. It is not there. But here are some things I noted:

1. We have way too much crap.

2. Most of said crap should be given or thrown away.

3. I'm attached to afore mentioned crap for no good reason.

4. I'm not a sentimental person.

5. We have exactly 4 large boxes full of VHS tapes.

6. We do not have a working VHS player.

7. I *F*I*N*A*L*L*Y* found the iron.

8. We caved and purchased a new iron just two weeks ago.

9. Mason's scout shirt is lost forever.

10. I am certain that the only definitive way to find Mason's scout shirt is to buy him a new one.

11. A new scout shirt and the one million awards he has earned that were lovingly hand sewn onto the scout shirt will cost approximately $3,000 from the scout office. (I'm not accusing them of price gouging, I'm just saying...)

12. I'm thinking we might just accidentally skip this pack meeting and the accompanying "uniform inspection".

13. Not really.

14. Well, maybe.

15. I'm still thinking about it.


Bryce said...


I wouldn't know anything about this... but I'm sure Sharee can relate.

Kelsey said...

Britt! Bring your old iron when you come! haha I need a new one anyway, and since you have two.... let's give it a nice new home :)

Mills said...

Skip it.. they will forgive you. At any rate, scouting per mormon standards is far different than what real scouting demands. Trust me, I am the Venture scout leader and don't own a scout shirt.. don't plan on buying one. Is that wrong? Lack of dedication? Most likely.. but it has been decided.

Melissa said...

Thanks for this post Brittany! I needed a good laugh!! It hits way too close to home :-)

wienerhoneymooners said...

Yeah, we lost a litle packet of the "segments"...They are around here somewhere?

Maybe his shirt is in last years backpack?
Rolled up in a sleeping bag... or tent?

I am always surprised when I open Conrad's overnight bag....

Anna said...

$3,000! Was that an arbitrary figure that you used out of frustration or are you being serious?

If that is truly the case, the Boy Scouts of America should be ashamed!

Good luck searching. In the meantime, I'd skip all meeting purely out of principle!

BrittanyLane said...

Anna, it is just an outlandish exaggeration. It would actually cost more like $50-80 for the shirt and all the patches. Call me cheap, but I'm holding out as long as I can...