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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ellorie is finally losing her baby teeth in earnest. I think I was exactly her age when I lost my two front teeth. This is a picture of her yesterday before school:

Yes, that tooth is actually BACKWARDS in her mouth.

And here is one after school:
It was bound to happen. I'm just glad she didn't swallow it. Her teacher is really good about sending teeth home in a cute little envelope. She even gets a sticker.

She is one to let those little things hang from a thread until they flop out. She is currently nursing the other front tooth. It flops all over her mouth when she speaks, and she is having trouble eating normal food. But she is enduring it well. She knows better than to complain about it lest the pliers come out. (I jest. She would certainly not let us near her mouth with pliers. And I can't say I blame her. I don't think I have the constitution to rip a tooth out of my child's mouth anyway. Though Mr. Allen would likely have no qualms about it.)

It can't be comfortable having so many loose teeth at once. Before she lost the first one, she looked like she had Billy Bob teeth when she was trying to talk. Not that my daughter looks anything like the Billy Bob guy, but you know, the teeth. They have Billy-Bob binkies too, I hear.

I will probably have flashback dreams tonight about my teeth falling out. In high school I fell on my face and broke off my two front teeth and had to attend school that way for a couple weeks while my face healed. It was borderline traumatic. I still have dreams every once in awhile that my teeth are all falling out and I have to catch them in my hands. Hate that. Thank goodness for modern dentistry.

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Shatzi said...

That is so funny!! I can totally see her hanging on to her teeth until the last minute.