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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All Used Up

Ellorie's beloved "yellow bubby" blanket has seen better days. That is a kind way of saying it is totally trashed. Each time we wash it, which is often, it comes out a bit more tattered. We estimate that it will completely self-destruct in approximately three more washes.

The sweet sisters in my ward in Pleasant Grove, Utah made it for me when I was pregnant with Ellorie. She had hoards of blankets, but this is the one that became her blanket-soulmate as it was. She doesn't care that it has gaping holes, ugly stains, tattered edges, or a baby-ish Winnie the Pooh print. It's cozy. And no other blanket shall ever take its place.

We've discussed Yellow Bubby's impending death at length, and Ellorie has reluctantly agreed to accept, or at least TRY a replacement. She had only two requests. First, that it be very soft and cottony cozy. Second that it is black with wolves. Wolves Ellorie? Yes. Not pink. Not hearts. Not Hello Kitty. Not flowers. Nothing girly. Black with wolves.

So I scoured the fabric stores for minimally tacky wolf fabric. Weren't wolf prints really popular in the early 90's? I seem to remember a trend. Well, they aren't popular now, because it was hard to find. It was also considered a "character print" and was twice the price of the other cotton prints. Of course.

But I found it. Cotton. Cozy. Black. Wolves. I added turquoise cotton yarn, which I hope she won't object to.

The fabric is actually really cozy and cottony after being washed. I think she will love it. I also made a matching pillow case and microwavable rice pillow. (My kids can't sleep without those things in the winter.)

I'm not giving it to her until Christmas, so SHHHH... Don't tell Ellorie!


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Shatzi said...

You are the only person I know that could make such a cute wolf blanket. I love it!

Brooklyn said...

I just went through the same thing with my soon-to-be step daughter. She is 14 and has had her "wiggy" since birth. I CAREFULLY unstitched it and reinforced it and fixed the ridiculous tears as inconspiculously (sp?) as possible. Should have just made her a new one! :)

Anna said...

Parting with a beloved blanket is so hard for a child. But, I think Ellorie will be thrilled with her new one. Very cute pattern for your little animal lover!