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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind after our travels, but we enjoyed spending the evening with some of Brandon's family. Sharee and Bryce were here from Colorado and we hardly ever get to see them. The kids each opened some presents from Grandma and we opened a few family gifts. Awesome handmade goodness! I haven't downloaded those photos yet, so I'll post them soon.

The kids each opened a present from us: flannel pajama pants. Of course I forgot to take a picture. You may note their pajama pants in several following Christmas photos...

Christmas-eve night we went home and read the Christmas story from the scriptures and talked about the birth of Jesus. We were all still feeling some serious jet lag so after that we went to bed. Talk about party poopers.

We were still tired on Christmas morning, but the kids were very excited. I taped wrapping paper up at the bottom of the stairs to keep the kids from peeking before we were up.
Here was the grand entry to the living room:

We told them ahead of time that it was going to be a very small Christmas because of our Florida trip, and they were all fine with that. Most of their gifts were home made and useful in nature.
(The table play house is from a few years ago. It just worked well to keep the tree out of reach for Rylan.) We always get a big "real" tree, but didn't have room for one this year. And it didn't make sense to get one right before leaving out of town for a week.

The stockings are always a favorite.

Rylan opened his toy vacuum and it was the end of present opening for him. Needless to say, he loves it. He has been vacuuming ever since. It even picks up toy blocks.

The girls were super excited about their new blankets. Rylan, not so much.

Rylan loves his blocks from Grandma Joyce
Mason's robe fit him. He wore it most of the day.
They each got a new Bey Blade which they played with for quite a while.

And then the kids noticed a mysterious and rather large package under the tree addressed to the Allen Family. Whatever could it be....

a Wii???? Santa is in BIG trouble...

And for all those out there that claim video games lead to laziness, childhood obesity, and lack of exercise in general, I would like to present the following piece of evidence to the contrary:

Hope you each had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!


Anna said...

Christmas through the eyes of a child is priceless. Great photos!

carol said...

A WII?! Awesome! And bey blades made their way to our house as well. Another reason I was thinking of you lately. You introduce us to all the good trends! Glad you had fun in Florida.

Tell Ellorie Happy Birthday!!

Kelsey Larsen said...

I love watching Rylan bounce up and down on the couch while the other three are jumping around. He seriously is such a doll. Wish I could be there-- love you!