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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Programs

One awesome benefit to living in Washington is that the schools here have...

wait for it...

music programs!

Like for reals.

The 4th graders can join the chorus if they like, and the 5th graders have the option of orchestra. They even provide instruments. Violin, viola, cello, or bass. (I have always dreamt of playing the cello. It's my favorite instrument evah. Of course my tiny little Mason and Ellorie will probably not be inclined to play an instrument twice their height and thrice their weight, but a mamma can dream.)

There is even, like, a real music teacher and stuff.

Mason is pretty musically inclined. He's been playing the piano for almost two years now, and he's getting pretty decent. He loves chorus too, except for the "actions". And who can blame him? We loved his Christmas concert.

Averie had a little Christmas program with her preschool too.

She is just too precious. And the class as a whole is pure hilarity. I especially like the boy that covers his ears at the loud singing of his peers.

Some videos for your viewing pleasure:

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