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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rylan Turns TWO!

Rylan is two! Can he really be two years old?

He sort of got the short end of the stick for his birthday this year, but I don't think he noticed.
My poor, poor January birthday babies...

We had a little birthday "party" for Rylan last Sunday night while Grandma Gina and Papa were still here. The party consisted of chocolate frosted cupcakes and opening two presents.

Like I said, it was pretty low key. He had a super time though.

He especially liked the happy birthday song and blowing out the candle. We re-lit it a dozen times or so for him to blow it out.

I think he ate 6 mini cupcakes. He's a fan of chocolate frosting. He also had an awesome chocolate mustache.


The last few weeks Rylan has started talking up a storm. He speaks in full sentences whenever possible and repeats everything we say. He's a total chatterbox. It's strange because he would barely say a word or two at a time and point to things not too long ago. It's so amazing the way we learn language.

Rylan is so darling and energetic. He keeps me on my toes, but he brings so much happiness into our lives. We love him to bits. Here's to the not-so-terrible twos! (at least not yet...)


Shatzi said...

Wow! That sure went fast! It seems like just yesterday he was born. Happy Birthday, Rylan!

Brittany said...

I personally think it's the terrible 3's... Rylan is such a cutie. I love him trying to blow out the candle :)

Shane and Carlee said...

Happy Birthday little (big) guy!!!
We miss you

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome! Capturing these special moments, I will never tire of watching them.

carol said...

What? How did this happen? And what's even more amazing is that he LOOKS like he's two. SO grown up. I'm not sure I'm okay with this. And I am amazed that his little white church shirt stayed white with those cupcakes! I kept waiting for the next picture to be smeared with brown, as my kids would be...heck, as MINE would be. He's neat, I tell ya. NEAT.