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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spelling Lesson

Ellorie has been drawing up a storm lately. I need to photograph her drawings more often. Some of her really good ones end up in the garbage because little sibling scribble on them, things get spilled, ripped etc. She pumps them out so quickly, however, I can barely keep the girl in paper. Here are some of her recent dragons she has been compiling to make a "dragon book".

She started out with the detailed Land Dragin:

Here we have the water dragin:

The fierce lava dragin:

The elusive lightning dragon (She had a little help with the spelling on this one) :

The hearty "Dessert" dragon, (just in case you have a sweet tooth after a big meal.)

The dangerous and deadly Night "Fray" (Fury):

The bone chilling Ice Dragin:

And last, but not least.... uh... what does that say, Ellorie?


That's what I thought...

Ellorie was working on it right before bed. It took Brandon and I a few moments to realize that she was trying to write "Acid Dragon".

Phew. I can see the confusion.

Tomorrow we work on spelling rather than drawing.


shaina said...

amazing drawings!! I love the lava dragon!

Debbie Murdock said...

What a little talent you got on your hands. And love the last dragon...she was just spelling it out phonetically...and made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the smile!

carol said...

HA! Love these. I hesitate to show Lindy, it will make her so homesick. Last night she took Ellorie's postcard to bed with her, teary-eyed. I told her today when she got home she could send Ellorie an email. We'll send it to her address. Just so you know to watch for it. :)

wienerhoneymooners said...

She is VERY talented (like her mamma) I am so amazed by her design and placement..just everything really. These blew me away.
Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

PLEASE save this dragon book for Ellorie's enjoyment when she's older. That is hilarious!!!! The drawings are quite good though.

Keep up the good work, Ellorie!

Shatzi said...

Hahaha! We sure miss Ellorie. =)